Pacquiao-Mosley Mobile Catering have taken the idea of mobile catering to an entirely new level with new cars, designed precisely to their requirements to ensure that the high standards of hygiene are undoubtedly maintained, the quality of food is maintained and then teamed with the obligation staff we have a winning combo.

All our staff has current Health and Hygiene Certificates, spending regular refresher courses to keep on top of their game. Most staff work hard to maintain each of our first class reputation ensuring they are simply well turned out, courteous and efficient at all times.

Our sections are spacious and available with good lighting and quality fittings. Gas resource and power are provided by simply gas cylinders and peaceful running generators that are included in each unit concerning health and safety regulations. Up to date certificates can be obtained on request.

Digging for Flames Pacquiao-Mosley Mobile Catering can be described as food truck based hospitality business that will change your watch of mobile food permanently! Our menu is motivated by adventurous street food stuff from around the world. Our concentration is on all things regarding cooking with fire.

Be on the lookout for us at an event towards you. Book us for any celebration. Or find out where we be and come go fresh from today's menu.